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Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Buy Lyrica online in uk - Buy Lyrica 150mg tablets

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Buy Lyrica online in uk - Buy Lyrica 150mg tablets

Hand Injury at Work
Workplace Injury

Treating patients suffering from work-related hand trauma.

Workers' Compensation Accepted
Workers’ Compensation

RENOVA works hard to get your case approved.

Application Process

We guide each patient through the application process.

Emergency care for life-threatening cases
Emergency Care

Doctors available for emergency care for work-related injuries.

Plumber with screwdriverNo matter how careful you are with your hands, the risk of injury in the workplace or due to trauma is always present. At Renova, our fellowship-trained doctors know hands, and treat a wide range of injuries. Whether the damage to the hand is a result of a crush, fracture, laceration, severe tendon damage, injection injury, or other injury, our skilled team of hand specialists can help.
*Our hand surgeons are available for emergency care

Regain Your Grip on Life with RENOVA

At Renova Hand Centers, you can look forward to developing a personal relationship with your surgeon. We value thorough communication and believe in finding a treatment plan that fits your needs. If you have undergone trauma or injury at your workplace, you can count on Renova for advanced treatments and compassionate care. For quality care you can count on, call to make an appointment at Renova today.
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