Hand Rejuvenation

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Anti-Aging for Hands

What is PRP?

Nothing displays signs of aging quite like our hands. Between frequent use and exposure to sunlight and other natural elements, our hands don’t stand much of a chance against the aging process. Considering the fact that our hands have very few oil glands and fat deposits, it’s no shock they are so vulnerable to aging. Here at Renova, we understand the desire for a younger more youthful looking appearance. That’s why Renova Hand Centers are pleased to offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment as an option for hand rejuvenation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Platelet-rich plasma is a type of blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets and is able to stimulate the healing of bone and other tissues. PRP therapy is a leading-edge procedure that uses the healing power of platelets and growth factors from your blood to stimulate a stem cell response. These stem cells produce new collagen and blood vessels and help restore and regenerate damaged skin, all of which helps to slow and reverse the aging process.
PRP compared to injectable medicine

What Sets Renova Apart?

Here at Renova, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of medical innovation.Our PRP therapy is designed to deliver above average results .We infuse the platelet rich plasma with fat that is harvested from the patient’s thigh, abdomen or buttocks abdomen or leg regions, and is then processed to remove excess fluids. Both PRP and fat injections are effective anti-aging services on their own, however, Renova integrates these two effective treatment options for a natural, super-potent anti-aging combo. The fat quickly plumps hand skin while the platelet-rich blood works to heal and promote collagen production in the surrounding areas. The result? Younger, firmer hand skin that will take years off of your hands’ appearance.

More Than Just Cosmetic

  • PRP is an advanced way to rejuvenate skin as well as conceal and prevent the aging process.
  • PRP uses the patient’s own blood making it very low risk.
  • PRP uses the healing power of platelets to promote collagen production.
  • PRP isn’t a chemically intensive procedure that leaves patients at risk for various allergic reactions.

Complete Rejuvenation

PRP is more than just a cosmetic procedure; it’s a total and complete rejuvenation treatment. The process requires the injection of plasma in its natural state, just below the skin. This stimulates stem cells and reactivates collagen production, giving the skin a fuller, more youthful look. PRP treatment does not cause the body to do anything that it doesn’t naturally do. It simply harnesses and concentrate on the natural ability of the cell to revive and revitalize themselves.

Who is an ideal candidate?

PRP is appropriate for any adult with signs of aging who does not have SLE, porphyria, cancer, severe metabolic and systemic disorders, and abnormal platelet function is an ideal candidate for treatment.

Laser Resurfacing

While the importance of applying SPF and avoiding the sun to prevent damage to facial skin is well understood the same cannot be said for hands. Very rarely do you see people taking the time to apply sunscreen to the backs of their hands as they do with the rest of their body. The result? Accelerated aging in the hands that manifests itself as thin skin and patches of hyper-pigmentation known as sunspots. To treat these spots, Renova Hand Center is pleased to offer Laser Resurfacing as another option for hand rejuvenation.Laser Resurfacing works by focusing a pulsating light beam on the affected area of the hand, the pigment sensitive beam penetrates the skin to remove signs of aging layer by layer. The laser only treats affected skin meaning the skin in the surrounding area is left untouched by the laser beam, this stimulates the body’s natural restorative abilities allowing skin to heal as quickly as possible.
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