Dr. Loredo Talks Fireworks Safety on NBC 5 News

If your kids plan on using fireworks this Fourth of July, make sure to watch this video first. Dr. Loredo tells NBC 5 News that adult supervision is a must. The question I get the most is, ‘Which fireworks are safe?’ There really isn’t a safe firework.” One of Dr. Loredo’s patients, ...... read more

Dr. Loredo Featured on Great Day San Antonio

Dr. Pedro Loredo of Renova Hand Centers recently appeared on San Antonio’s popular morning news show, Great Day San Antonio. He was joined by a patient who received surgery from him last year. The topic of the morning was carpal tunnel syndrome. “Patients complain that they can’t sleep at night…They come ...... read more

Renova Acquires

We are pleased to announce that Renova has acquired Brown Hand Center’s digital presence, and This recent expansion is just one more way for our fellowship-trained physicians to increase the availability of leading-edge hand and foot care options. Physicians and staff from ...... read more

Dr. Loredo Talks Carpal Tunnel on Nightcap TV

Do you Google your health issues? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes.” For an estimated one third of Americans, Google is one of the first places to turn when experiencing painful new symptoms. To help inform all those internet sleuths out there, Nightcap TV’s “Googlechondriac” segment ...... read more

15 Ways to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and wrists pain can be caused by a wide variety of conditions and behaviors. Issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger are often caused or exacerbated by repetitive strenuous motions of the hands and wrists. To prevent injuries like these, and to lower soreness and cramping in your hands and ...... read more

5 Things You Should Know About Tennis Elbow

If you experience constant elbow pain, you know how tough it can be to carry out simple motions like opening doorknobs, shaking hands, or opening jars. It can be nearly impossible to continue activities like painting, using tools, or playing—you guessed it—tennis. The cause of this pain could be a condition ...... read more

Getting Ready for Orthopedic Hand Surgery

Before you undergo any type of orthopedic surgery – hand or otherwise – it is important to know how the day of surgery will unfold and what precautions to take before the procedure. You may also have several questions about what to do or to avoid after the procedure. Prior to orthopedic / ...... read more

What’s Causing Pain in My Elbow?

Does this sound familiar? You feel constant numbness, tenderness, and pain in your elbow. Sometimes, there’s a tingling sensation in your fingers, specifically the ring and middle finger. The persistent pain keeps you up at night and your grip is unusually weak. If this describes you experience, you may be ...... read more

3 Yoga Poses that Help with Hand and Wrist Pain

Many people suffering from back and neck pain do yoga for pain relief. But did you know that yoga can help with hand and wrist pain too? The popular form of exercise has the power to relieve tension in many areas of the body, and people often carry more tension in the hands and wrists...... read more

FDA Proposes Ban on Antibacterial Hand Soap

Hand sanitizer has become a popular product in homes and offices across the country. Many of us carry a small bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer in our purse or brief case. But new information from the FDA says antibacterial or antimicrobial products might not be so healthy. The Food and Drug Administration ...... read more