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Getting Ready for Orthopedic Hand Surgery
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Before you undergo any type of orthopedic surgery – hand or otherwise – it is important to know how the day of surgery will unfold and what precautions to take before the procedure. You may also have several questions about what to do or to avoid after the procedure. Prior to orthopedic / reconstructive hand surgery, your surgeon will discuss this important information with you. However, it is always wise to bring a list of topics to your appointment so that you can take notes and remember any specific questions that you planned to ask your doctor. Below is a checklist of important information to cover when preparing for your procedure.

How should I prepare before the surgery?

Be sure to find out if there are any dietary restrictions you need to follow on the day and the morning before the procedure. To ensure the effectiveness of anesthesia, doctors usually require patients to fast for a number of hours prior to surgery.

How will I get home after my procedure?

It is important to your safety and that of other drivers that you avoid driving after receiving anesthesia. If you are undergoing an outpatient procedure, you will need to plan your transportation to and from the medical facility.

How long will the procedure last?

Some procedures offered at Renova such as AccuCision CTRTM and AccuCision TFRTM only last a few minutes. However, other orthopedic surgeries may take longer. Knowing the length of the procedure will help you plan your schedule and transportation after the procedure.

Will I experience pain after the procedure?

Knowing what level of pain to expect after your procedure will help you alert your doctor if you feel anything unexpected. It is also important to be aware of the amount and types of pain medication you may take.

How long should I expect my recovery period to last?

Knowing how long your recovery ought to last will help you plan any potential changes to your schedule. This will also help you to alert your doctor if recovery is taking longer than expected.


What activities should I avoid after orthopedic surgery?

Overusing your hand can hinder the progress of recovery and even lessen the positive outcomes of the procedure. Be sure to ask your doctor about any particular activities you perform regularly if you are unsure of what to avoid.

What can I do to aid recovery?

While rest is important for recovery, some types of physical therapy may be advised. Gentle stretching and massaging of the hand are used in some cases to reduce scarring and aid recovery.

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Want to buy Lyrica, How to order Lyrica

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