Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after surgery can I use my hand?

After surgery, patients are given a splint, and are free to use their hand moderately, or as much as the splint allows. Then, after a week, the splint will be removed, and patients can enjoy unrestricted use of their hand. With the AccuCision technique, patients get back to work faster than with any other similar procedure.

Am I going to have any pain?

Since their are not stitches and me scarring is minimal, patients usually report experiencing little to no pain during their recovery. As long as patients adhere to the doctor’s recovery recommendations, patients don’t need to worry about an unpleasant post-operative experience.

Do you take workers' comp?

Renova doctors gladly accept workers’ compensation. In fact, the doctors and staff at Renova will help these patients work through the application process so that they can be processed quickly and efficiently.

How long does the procedure take?

While the total amount of time that each patient spends arriving to the location, going through pre-operative procedures and anesthesia can vary, any one of the AccuCision procedures takes only minutes, and doesn’t require that the patient miss significant time away from his or her life. Many of our patients who schedule a morning operation can be home by lunch.

Will I have to stay overnight?

All AccuCision procedures performed by Renova hand surgeons are outpatient procedures, meaning that you do not need an overnight stay and can return home almost immediately following surgery.

Do I need someone to drive me home?

Your surgeon will recommend that you have a family member or friend escort you home after the procedure, mainly because the effects of the anesthesia will still be present after surgery. However, many patients are allowed to return to driving a vehicle the next day if they are comfortable, and their physician believes that they can operate the vehicle safely.

What does Carpal Tunnel Feel Like?

Since carpal tunnel syndrome primarily puts pressure on the nerve, numbness in the hand is one of the most common signs of carpal tunnel. Many patients compare the sensation to a hand “falling asleep”, in which the hand is weak, numb, and has a tingling sensation. In some instances, the discomfort is so great that it can disrupt the patient’s sleep patterns.

Could my shoulder and neck pain be related to Carpal Tunnel?

Many advanced cases of carpal tunnel syndrome cause the patient to experience discomfort in the shoulder and neck area. Although the nerve is compressed at the wrist, it travels across the entire length of the upper arm; the pressure from the transverse carpal ligament can send discomfort all the way up the patient’s arm.

What if my finger is locking or catching?

Locking fingers are not signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, but rather indicate that a person may be suffering from trigger finger. Like carpal tunnel, trigger finger can be caused by repeated, traumatic use of the hand and fingers, and often requires medical attention for pain relief.

How can I pay for my treatment?

Renova offers payment programs for every budget. Our staff strives to extend Renova’s services to as many people as possible, so call our offices to learn more about how we can get you treated.