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What’s Causing Pain in My Elbow?
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Does this sound familiar?

You feel constant numbness, tenderness, and pain in your elbow. Sometimes, there’s a tingling sensation in your fingers, specifically the ring and middle finger. The persistent pain keeps you up at night and your grip is unusually weak.

If this describes you experience, you may be suffering from Cubital tunnel syndrome.

Best place to buy Lyrica, Buy Lyrica 150mg online

Cubital tunnel syndrome, or ulnar neuropathy, is a condition affecting the ulnar nerve in the inner elbow. This nerve is particularly susceptible to pressure, as it sits directly next to a bone (often referred to as the funny bone).

Activities that involve constant bending of the elbow or inflammation from an injury may be enough to cause Cubital tunnel syndrome. The condition may even be brought on by too much leaning on the elbow or sleeping with your arm bent. In some cases, Cubital tunnel syndrome may be a result of abnormal bone growth or bone tumors.


When to see a doctor

For many people, Cubital tunnel syndrome is a cause of constant pain and irritation. Over a long period of time, nerve compression can lead to permanent nerve damage, so it is best to see a doctor if you a suffering from these symptoms. It is possible for Cubital tunnel syndrome to lead to an irreversible claw-like deformity of the hand. Additionally, if bone tumors are the cause of the nerve compression, it is especially important to seek medical treatment.

How is Cubital tunnel syndrome treated?

In minor cases of Cubital tunnel syndrome, simply modifying your behavior or sleep position can eliminate symptoms by removing excess pressure on the ulnar nerve. It can be tough to alter the way you sleep—you may simply move into this position while you’re sleeping—but wearing a splint can keep you from bending your elbow during the night.

Advanced cases of Cubital tunnel syndrome are often treated surgically. There are several surgical methods of removing pressure from the ulnar nerve. The doctors at Renova have developed a unique, micro-invasive procedure to treat this condition. AccuCision® CuTR allows our orthopedic surgeons to quickly release pressure on the nerve through an incision no larger than 2cm.

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Best place to buy Lyrica, Buy Lyrica 150mg online

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