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How Athletes Bounce Back after a Hand Injury
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Can i order Lyrica online, How to order Lyrica

Athlete injuries are a daily occurrence in sports news. Fans know why players quit the game and when they return, but what are athletes doing during recovery? For Orange player, Jerami Grant the answer was rest, rest and more rest. The sophomore basketball player at Syracuse University missed the first two weeks of practice this season due to a hand injury, but has returned to the court in great shape. If you are recuperating from a hand injury, take some hints from this athlete to make the best of your recovery.

Can i order Lyrica online, How to order Lyrica

Luckily, the NCAA added two weeks of practice time to the calendar this year, which worked in Grant’s favor. Until his hand was fully recovered, the forward stayed in shape riding a stationary bike and running on a treadmill while watching his teammates practice. Grant said at a press conference, “It was definitely a little frustrating, not to be able to do everything everybody else was doing. But at the same time, we’ve got to get ready for the season so whatever it takes for me to be 100 percent by the beginning of the season.”

Rest makes best

We’ve all heard this phrase over and over: “practice makes perfect.” What many people forget to include is that rest makes best. No amount of practice will make an injury heal itself. In fact, over use can cause further damage and prevent an injury from fully healing. To make the best of your recovery time, take time off from your typical activities, especially the ones that caused injury to your hand. If you are an athlete or participate in vigorous exercise, avoid workouts that add strain to the hand or wrist or pose a high risk of falling.

Syracuse basketball player  

Hopes remain high

Despite his hand injury, expectations are high for Jerami Grant. After he averaged 13.3. points and 7.8 rebounds during a tour in Canada this summer, Grant’s name has found its way onto several NBA mock draft boards. Last month, the sophomore was listed among the top players of the season on SB Nation’s top 100 countdown. According to SU assistant coach Adrian Autry, “He’s starting to look the way he did at the end of the Canadian trip.”

How to stay strong

If you’re like Grant and have recently recovered from a hand injury, remember to stay on top of your health to keep the injury from reoccurring. Be aware of hand pain and allow yourself a break to rest or stretch your hands. During daily activities such as reading or typing, change the position of your hands so that they are not over used in a particular position. Wearing a brace or wrap can also be a helpful way to prevent further injury to the hand or wrist.

For athletes—and ambitious, active people of all types—taking time off is frustrating. We are told again and again that hard work is the key to success, so the order to rest may feel counterintuitive. Whether you’re suffering from a hand injury or you’re recovering from surgery, keep Jerami Grant in mind. His future in basketball is as bright as ever thanks to adequate rest.

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Can i order Lyrica online, How to order Lyrica

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