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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Houston | AccuCision Dallas
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Accucision Carpal Tunnel Release

AccuCision CTR™

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True relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* RENOVA physicians consider all treatment avenues and conservative forms of pain management before surgical intervention.

A Micro-Invasive Procedure For Fast Pain Relief

To combat Carpal tunnel syndrome, Renova has created AccuCision® CTR: a micro-invasive procedure that acts as a safer, faster, and more effective method of carpal tunnel release. AccuCision® CTR can help alleviate symptoms like pain and numbness in the hands and prevent irreversible damage from Carpal tunnel. With Renova’s innovative AccuCision® procedures, you can get back to life faster and enjoy relief from hand pain.
  • No Pain after surgeryRelief from CTS
  • Small incisionsMinor Scarring
  • No stitches or hand pain after surgeryStitchless
  • Hand Pain solution for DallasClear View of Nerve
  • Short hand procedureShorter Procedure

Open Carpal Tunnel Surgery

  • checkmarkThe incision extends from the wrist to the middle of the patient’s palm.
  • x-markExtensive recovery for tissue to heal and for wound to close.
  • x-markSignificant stitching that requires sufficient time to heal.
  • checkmarkMust severe tissue for complete view of nerve and blood vessels.
  • x-markSurgery and stitching can take up to 60 minutes.

“Minimally-Invasive” Surgery

  • checkmarkIncision extends from the base of the palm to the center.
  • checkmarkAlthough the incision is smaller, the site still requires time to heal
  • x-markStitches are still required for the wound to heal properly.
  • x-markMust dissect upper layers of skin and tissue for view of transverse carpal ligament.
  • x-markWhile shorter than the open procedure, these techniques can take 15 minutes or more to complete.

AccuCision Hand Procedure

  • checkmarkTwo small incisions, each only between 3mm and 7mm in length.
  • checkmarkModerate hand use after surgery and unrestricted use in 7 days.
  • checkmarkNo stitches. The incisions merely require a small bandage-like adhesive.
  • checkmarkOur technology gives doctors improved view of all surrounding nerves and tissue.
  • checkmarkDoctors can have patients in and out of surgery within minutes.

Does My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Require Surgery?

Dedicated to providing personalized care, our fellowship-trained doctors get to know your particular needs and conditions before deciding on treatment. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, AccuCision® may be right for you.
  • Damage to the median nerve
  • Pain, numbness, and tingling in your hand and wrist
  • Restless nights caused by shooting pain in the arm, shoulder and neck
  • A weak grip and aching palm

Discover how AccuCision® can change your life today.

med clipboard
Full Consultation

Call to begin a personalized treatment program today.

trained surgeons
Expert Surgeons

Decades of experience and years of success with the AccuCision® Hand Procedure.

Outpatient Procedure

A procedure that is convenient for any patient’s schedule.

band aids
No Stitches

The incisions from the micro-invasive AccuCision® Procedure heal with just a band-aid.

Don’t let hand pain compromise the quality of your life. Contact Renova today to find out if AccuCision® is right for you. Our Dallas and San Antonio hand surgeons look forward to providing you with the advanced treatment and personalized care you deserve.

AccuCision®: Smaller Incisions, Greater Results

What makes AccuCisionTM the preferred method of Carpal tunnel surgery?
  • Safety and accuracy
  • Minor scarring
  • Only 3-7mm incisions
  • No stitches required
  • Just a five minute procedure
  • Next day hand use
  • Unrestricted hand use within a week

Revision Procedures

If you have previously undergone carpal tunnel surgery, but are again experiencing symptoms of CTS, AccuCision® can help. The precision of AccuCision® can correct the mistakes of less advanced surgical methods and bring you real relief from carpal tunnel.

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