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New York Times on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The New York Times recently published an can i order Lyrica online, some of its causes, its symptoms and methods of treatment. All of the information is compiled into a single article and divided into easy-to-understand categories, making it a great tool for some quick education on this common hand condition.

More than 50% of cases eventually require surgery…. If the condition is treated properly, there are usually no complications.
-The New York Times
More importantly, however, the article explains that carpal tunnel syndrome is serious condition that normally requires medical attention to avoid permanent nerve damage. Renova physical therapists will always investigate conservative treatment avenues for a patient’s case, but more than 50% of carpal syndrome cases will ultimately require surgical treatment.

Fortunately for those patients who require surgery, the field of hand medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds to become what it is today. Specifically, open methods of surgery have evolved into minimally-invasive methods, and those methods have continued to improve by adopting endoscopic techniques; all surgeries at Renova Hand Centers are treated by using the most advanced method of endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery – where to purchase Lyrica. This procedure ensures that scarring is as minimal as possible, and that the patient’s recovery is much quicker than that following a traditional open method. The article in the times does an excellent job of outlining the diagnostic and treatment processes of a typical case of how to order Lyrica online:


Since rigorous, repetitive wrist movements have been linked to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, doctors have suggested that avoidance of unorthodox wrist movement can promote hand health. Movements like unusual wrist suspension during long periods of typing, or even using automatic tools can put stress on the tissue within the wrist, which can lead to the swelling that is responsible for compressing the median nerve. Making behavioral changes, or being mindful of how you operate or handle tools can also preserve the health of your hand and prevent the occurrence of swelling.

Diagnostic Exams

Your doctor will look for signs of numbness or tingling that extends from the palm to the fingers. Additionally, a weak hand grip and shooting pain brought on by pressure might also indicate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Doctors can conduct an electrodiagnostic exam to evaluate the performance of your nervous system. If doctors detect traumatic pressure to the median nerve in the wrist, they may refer you to a surgeon for carpal tunnel release surgery.


The majority of carpal tunnel cases will require surgery, but new methods result in a far greater success rate for carpal tunnel release. Procedures are much shorter and less traumatic to the tissue that surrounds the tranverse carpal ligament. Additionally, surgery by a fellowship-trained physician will typically not result in any complications, with the patient returning to his or her daily routine within a matter of days. The patient will need to wear a spling for roughly the first week following treatment, but many patients are allowed unrestricted use of their hand within just a week. These advancements in the field of hand surgery are allowing even more patients to benefit from a life of reduced carpal tunnel discomfort.

The article has cited some excellent medical literature that can also be helpful in helping you understand carpal tunnel syndrome. It concludes by reminding readers that carpal tunnel syndrome syndromes can result in harmful effects to your median nerve, so legitimate medical attention should be sought if you suspect that capal tunnel may be developing. The fellowship-trained hand specialists at the Renova hand center are prepared to offer you the right diagnosis for your condition, and walk you through the treatment program that is best for you.

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