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Buy Pregabalin online, Can you buy Lyrica in canada

At Renova Hand Centers, we are thankful for the many opportunities to give back to our community. This holiday season, our own Dr. Pedro Loredo was recognized for his generous gift to a woman in Dallas named Esther Gonzales. Esther is a supermarket cashier whose carpal tunnel syndrome kept her in constant pain and made it difficult for her to work. With Dr. Loredo’s help, her pain is gone and she is able to work.

Local news station, KTXD 47 shared the story of Dr. Loredo’s gift to Esther. Esther found Renova Hand Centers online after doing a Google search. Doctors at a hospital had suggested she see a hand specialist, but without health insurance, she didn’t know if anything could be done. Dr. Loredo stepped in to help. “We want to give back to the community so we give one monthly surgery to charity for someone that’s very deserving, that needs it,” he told The Texas Daily. Esther quickly started feeling the benefits of Dr. Loredo’s treatment. “He’s like an angel for me. It’s like a miracle,” she said.

To treat Esther’s carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Loredo performed AccuCision CTR, a micro-invasive procedure developed by our doctors at Renova Hand Centers. “The incisions we use are as small as a grain of rice. We use a clear canula so that we can see the whole anatomy of the hand,” he explained on KTXD 47. The technology developed for use in the AccuCision procedure maximizes the safety and precision of carpal tunnel release. Because we use such tiny incisions, no stitches are required after surgery and recovery time is drastically reduced for patients. Esther was amazed by how much better she felt after the procedure. “I can’t believe it,” she remarked. Now that her carpal tunnel pain is gone, Esther’s life has changed.

Esther was just one of many people suffering from the painful effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. According to one survey, 600 out of 900 supermarket cashiers complained of soreness in their hands. Jeff Brady of The Texas Daily reported that “the impact can be devastating…Carpal tunnel syndrome causes more missed work days than any other injury—up to 30 days per year.”

“I’m very lucky that I can do this for another person,” Dr. Loredo said. “I’ve been a hand surgeon for years and it’s part of my practice, and part of growing up here in Texas, and just being a physician.” At Renova Hand Centers, we are grateful for the opportunity to improve the lives of people like Esther every day. We look forward to helping many more patients reclaim their lives from the devastating effects of hand pain.

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Buy Pregabalin online, Can you buy Lyrica in canada

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