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Debunking Common Carpal Tunnel Myths
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While carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common hand disorder, not every bit of discomfort is necessarily a sign of the condition. People often experience momentary pain or tingling sensations in their hands and fingers, and immediately attribute these feelings to carpal tunnel. Yes, these sensations can certainly be indicators of carpal tunnel, but they are far from a definite diagnosis of the condition. There are many myths about carpal tunnel disorder, and these misunderstandings may lead to patients hastily agreeing to more serious treatment approaches than they may need. Below are some of the most common carpal tunnel misconceptions that patients typically have about the condition.

Myth #1: Wrist Pain Equals Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Pain in the wrist isn’t necessarily a surefire way to detect carpal tunnel syndrome. While people who are suffering from carpal tunnel will surely experience considerable discomfort in the wrist, it is hardly a telltale sign of the disorder. In fact, pain in the wrists could point to a number of hand conditions, including artiritis or tendonitis – both of which should can be treated by a hand care professional. In order to determine whether your wrist pain is a carpal tunnel symptom, your physician will look at your medical history and conduct physical examinations to confidently diagnose your condition. Like the doctors at Renova, many physical therapists will even use electrical impulse testing to determine the exact location and cause of your condition.

Myth #2: Typing is Responsible for the Condition.

Undoubtedly the time that we spend on the computer – typing and clicking a mouse – has increased dramatically over the past few years, which makes many people suggest that computer use is the culprit for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, these people can be confusing correlation with causation; while people who have carpal tunnel syndrome likely use computers often, that doesn’t mean that their technology use is the definite cause of their disease. Typing away for hours on end can certainly be uncomfortable for your hands, but it is unlikely that it is the sole cause of your case of carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome has been linked more strongly to work that requires protracted use of the hands in strenuous or unorthodox positions (e.g. sewing, cleaning, assembly-line work), as well as other factors such as injury, diabetes and even pregnancy.

Myth #4: CTS is More Common in Men.

Since men are more frequently associated with the type of work that can cause carpal tunnel, many assume that the condition is more common in the male population. There are definitely a multitude of cases of carpal tunnel in men, however, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), women are three times as likely to develop the condition than men. Consider this: the carpal tunnel is a small passage through which the arm’s tendons, nerves and tissue travel through to reach the hand. Since the female anatomy is generally smaller, the female carpal tunnel passageway can be more narrow. Even the slightest amount of swelling can trigger the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome like numbness and tingling in the fingers (except the little finger), burning sensations in the arms and hands, or a weakened grip.

Myth #5: Surgery is the Only Way.

Many cases of carpal tunnel syndrome require surgical intervention to relieve the pain. In fact, carpal tunnel release surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the entire world. It is the best way to mitigate the symptoms of carpal tunnel and prevent the condition from returning in the future. That said, surgery is not necessarily the answer for every single patient who is experiencing characteristic carpal tunnel symptoms. At Renova Hand Centers, physicians will always thoroughly consider conservative methods of treatment to treat a patient’s condition before suggesting that he or she undergo surgical treatment. Surgery is always recommended for the most severe cases, but there are plenty of options available for managing mild or newly-developing cases of carpal tunnel.

The best way to completely inform yourself about carpal tunnel is to speak with a medical professional. The skilled hand doctors and trained staff at Renova Hand Centers are happy to answer any questions that you have about hand care, and direct you to the best treatment program for your condition.

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Buy Lyrica online, Buy cheap Lyrica online

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