For better absorption the drug must be taken with a full glass of water. In 30% of cases Doxycycline causes upset stomach, unfortunately. In this case the dosage is advised to be taken with a small amount of food or a glass of milk. But mind that such a way of intake may reduce the efficacy of the drug, and thus you will need to take a longer course of treatment. During the treatment course of Doxycycline it is recommended to keep to a low-calcium diet as high content of calcium in foods or taking additional calcium in food supplements and vitamin complexes decrease the efficacy of the medicine. Other elements which can affect the efficacy of Doxycycline are aluminim, magnesium, iron, zinc and other vitamins and micro-elements. Doxycycline is also administered for prevention and in the treatment schemes of the next conditions and cases: direct exposure to sexually passed diseases in case of sexual assault inflammations of mouth cavity (gums in particular) unexplained inflammations of mouth cavity and around teeth arthritis developed in course of Lyme disease dilation of blood vessels in eye balls intestine inflammations of unexplained nature This spectrum of usage proves that Doxycycline can be used safely for prevention and treatment of various diseases and conditions. How to take Doxycycline correctly for the highest efficiency Doxycycline from is best taken by mouth. To ensure the best absorption and fast delivery to the blood, the drug is recommended to be taken on empty stomach. Take a pill an hour prior to meals ot at least two hours later after meals. It does not matter whether you take a whole dosage of the drug at a time or split your daily dosage for several intakes. However taking the medicine in lower dosages and more frequently will reduce the risk of possible side effects which are commonly related to the Doxycycline treatment.

The AccuCision® Hand Procedure

A New Carpal Tunnel Solution

AccuCision HeaderBoth patients and doctors agree, AccuCision is the procedure of choice for treating patients with carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome. The truly minimally-invasive surgery builds on years of medical innovation, and continues to help thousands of people regain their hold on life.
*Procedures may vary at surgeon’s discretion.
The AccuCision procedure takes only minutes, and simply requires two small incisions, neither more than 7mm in length. This Two-Portal Endoscopic Procedure enables Renova surgeons to have total access to the patient’s hand with minimal damage to the skin, so they can get back to life faster with negligible scarring. AccuCision’s advanced techniques allow our surgeons to preserve the patient’s nerves and surrounding arteries, something open methods of surgery cannot guarantee.

Why AccuCision® Works

At Renova, our physicians understand that you do not want a procedure that will merely minimize symptoms like numbness in fingers and wrist pain, but rather one that will treat the underlying condition. By treating carpal tunnel at the source, our surgeons can protect the nerve before it begins to die from permanent carpal tunnel damage. Our surgeons will isolate the transverse carpal ligament from the rest of your hand’s vital tissue, and divide the ligament to relieve the pressure that your hand experiences. Once the process is complete, patients can use their hand the next day after surgery, and can experience unrestricted use their hands in less than a week.AccuCison-CTR-Chart

Compared to other surgical options for Carpal Tunnel, the benefits of Renova are clear.

Is Carpal Tunnel Keeping You from Work?

Working with your hands may lead to CTS.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is regarded by the U.S. Department of Labor as the “Chief occupational hazard” affecting workers today. There over 8 million Americans affected with CTS which accounts for about 50% of all work-related injuries. Since this hand condition affects such a staggering portion of the population – and the workforce – Renova seeks to help patients recover as quickly as possible. Whereas traditional approaches to carpal tunnel release surgery can leave patients with several weeks or months of rehabilitation, AccuCision gives patients unrestricted hand use within 1 week.

AccuCision: Ten Times Smaller

The accucision procedure is ten times smaller than regular carpal tunnel release surgery and lets patients enjoy full use of their hands in just seven days.
As a premiere center for hand medicine and staffed by the most prominent physicians in the field, Renova proudly offers every patient the opportunity to enjoy renewed functionality of their hands while minimizing pain and time on the sidelines. A quick return to life means that our patients can re-immerse themselves into the activities they love with confidence that their restored hand will let them touch, feel and hold just as they used to. Let Renova help you transition from carpal tunnel into a future of healthy hands with the AccuCision procedure.Call Renova or fill out the contact form to get in touch with a hand care expert today

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