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5 Things You Should Know About Tennis Elbow
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If you experience constant elbow pain, you know how tough it can be to carry out simple motions like opening doorknobs, shaking hands, or opening jars. It can be nearly impossible to continue activities like painting, using tools, or playing—you guessed it—tennis. The cause of this pain could be a condition known as tennis elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis. If you’re suffering from chronic pain in your elbow and forearm, check out these five facts about tennis elbow.

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Tennis elbow is brought on by strain and overuse of muscles in the forearm. Strain can cause small tears in the elbow tendons which are often a source of chronic pain. Typically, a person suffering from tennis elbow will feel pain in the outer part of the elbow, all the way down the forearm, and even into the hand. Because of this, tennis elbow can weaken your grip and make it painful to move your wrist forcefully as you might when unscrewing a lid or even brushing your teeth.

2. You don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is extremely common among tennis players; up to 50% suffer from the condition. However, it has been estimated that fewer than 5% of people with tennis elbow actually play tennis. Many other jobs and hobbies require repetitive—and potentially harmful—movement of the elbow and forearm. Related activities include everything from gardening, bowling, and golfing to carpentry, mechanics, and painting.

3. Tennis elbow cannot be diagnosed using X-rays or blood tests.

Tennis elbow is the result of many small tears in the tendon which don’t show up on an X-ray. The condition is most easily diagnosed through a physical exam during which your doctor will talk to you about your activities and symptoms. He may also perform simple tests to discover what motions cause you pain and where. For example, difficulty straightening the fingers and wrist while your arm is extended can be an indication of tennis elbow. In some cases, a doctor may order an X-ray, MRI, or EMG to rule out other possible causes of pain.

4. Tennis elbow rarely needs to be treated surgically.

Tennis elbow is treated often without surgery and with great success. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that about 80-95% of patients treated non-surgically see success. Conservative treatments for tennis elbow range from rest and anti-inflammatory medications, to physical therapy and elbow braces. In severe cases of tennis elbow, some patients may need to receive surgery to remove damaged tissue.

5. Proper technique could cure your tennis elbow.

Whether or not you play tennis, learning proper technique for your sport, hobby, or job could help you overcome tennis elbow. You may find that you have been using incorrect and overly stressful technique during your game or work. Tennis players should also check their equipment to make sure that it is the correct size. Simple adjustments do you daily habits can greatly reduce strain on your tendons and help damaged tissue begin to heal.

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Buy Lyrica canada - Buy Pregabalin

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