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3 Yoga Poses that Help with Hand and Wrist Pain
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Many people suffering from back and neck pain do yoga for pain relief. But did you know that yoga can help with hand and wrist pain too? The popular form of exercise has the power to relieve tension in many areas of the body, and people often carry more tension in the hands and wrists than they realize.

Though improper form can exacerbate hand and wrist pain, yoga increases strength and flexibility when practiced correctly. Here are three yoga poses that can help alleviate pain in your hands and wrists.

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This common pose is very easy to learn and to practice just about anywhere. It involves bringing your hands together in front of you with your fingers pointing up toward the ceiling. Your wrists should almost be perpendicular to, though slightly higher than your elbows. Pushing your hands together slightly will help stretch your fingers and wrists. For more detailed instructions, visit Practicing prayer pose can help relieve strain and tension caused by repetitive tasks like computer work.


2. Cow Face

Cow face can be a helpful way to deal with hand and wrist pain issues, including symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome like numbness and tingling in the wrists.

To do this pose, begin sitting with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. After dragging your right foot below your left knee, rest your left leg on top of the right so that, if possible, your left knee is directly on top of your right. Then, reach your left arm up and behind your back and try to clasp your hands together.

After holding for several breaths, repeat this on the opposite side. You can repeat this pose by leading with your right foot and hand.


3. Upward Bound Finger Pose

To do this pose, simply begin by interlocking your fingers and placing your hands on the top of your head. Your palms should be facing upward. Then, straighten your arms up toward the ceiling until you feel your muscles tighten. You can repeat this pose by extending your arms out in front of your chest and then bringing your arms up above your head again. You can find a more detailed explanation of the pose at Yoga International.

Upward bound finger pose yoga

Be mindful…

These poses can be especially beneficial for people with chronic hand and wrist pain because they don’t require you to rest much of your body’s weight on the hands. However, if you do intend to do a full yoga practice, there are many ways to modify poses so that your hands do not have to bear so much pressure. To find out how to prevent hand and wrist pain during your yoga practice, check out our post about pain prevention during yoga.

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